Sunday, July 27, 2014

Discotech #1

After finishing the 23 mobile things this spring, I decided to try the Disco Tech 2.0 this fall. I admit I wasn' t too sure about the first one because I told myself that I know everything about these things. 23 mobile things taught me there are always surprises. I do have experience with the activities so far, but I hope to go about them in new ways.

As someone who can suggest online resources to others, I am eager to learn everything I can about these.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

23 mobile things mn #23 THE END :)

After finishing my 23 mobile things experience, I have learned more about using my Iphone. Some of the activities were things I already knew about, but I didn't know about infographics and the presentations tools for example. I'm not sure if I will use my phone for creating presentations, but knowing that I can allows me to tell others and answer questions. I am also more open to using my phone during my off time to enrich and enhance what I do during the day.

My favorite discoveries would have to be that apps gone free app from #22 and the photo app from #9. I plan on using my iphone as my primary camera, especially when traveling. The ability to edit my photos without having to transfer them to another computer is huge. The apps gone free app, as I said in a previous post, lets me discover new apps in an easy way. The app also limits the selections to apps that are highly rated and useful. I actually found a couple this way that I still use.

I did talk about the experience with Jean C-N here at Hayden, and we went through the course together. We were able to banter back and forth over what apps we chose to talk about and what we thought about each one. I also was able to help her with her Ipad when she got stuck, especially at the beginning.

If something like this was offered in the future, I would probably participate. It would be more interesting to offer the list of categories and allow participants to pick which ones they wanted to do. There were categories this time that I already knew about as well as ones new to me. One category missing would be travel apps. These could be city guides, not just booking apps. Maybe also look at library apps or local apps from another state.

Finally, if I had to describe my experience in one word it would be "Inspiring". It's always nice to learn something new when you didn't expect to. Especially about the latest technology. Thanks for the opportunity to learn something new!

Friday, April 25, 2014

23 mobile things #22

This time, I am looking at ways to get free apps on the Iphone. From my experience, the app store doesn't really tell you if the free apps are worth it without downloading them first. This leaves me with the options of using google or finding an app that tells you about free apps. I have done both successfully, but like the second option better. There is another option I sometimes use, which is watching Feedly to figure out apps that have gone free for a limited time. This is how I found out about Knots 3D, which I covered in my previous post.

Apps gone free is the app I chose off the list given. Every day, different apps that meet certain standards show up as free downloads. A nice description is given, making it easy to tell if the app is worth it. With 2 clicks, the app is downloaded and ready to go.

I did find at least 2 apps that I kept. One is called Vert and is a unit converter with more options than I can ever use. The other is a break-out style game called Anodia. This seems to be a fun game so far.

Personally, this is a nice way to keep up with free apps, and I have always found something new. They may be apps I would have never considered searching for. Not every app is worth it, but there is usually something worth looking into.

23 mobile things #21

Since this a free-for-all category, I looked at every app I have to determnine which one was the most fun to write about. I finally decided on Knots3D. Though this app is currently 99 cents, it was free when I downloaded it to try it out.

The app has a list of 94 knots for use in various situations. When you look at a knot, there are step by step instructions. There is also a 3D image of the knot as it's being tied that you can rewind and look at from mutliple views. The knot can also be shown in full screen mode.

This app is useful for both personal and professional reasons. If a patron were to come up to the desk and ask how to tie a certain knot that is on the list, I could show on my phone the correct way and let him/her see it a couple of times. I would then print out a list of instructions, but the ability to see it being tied up close is too cool.

23 mobile things #20

I am now to the games portion of the 23 mobile things experience! Ever since I had a cellphone, I have always tried to have some games to play. The iphone is no different. I probably have a good dozen games or more going at any one time. This includes everything from card games to yahtzee to crossword puzzles to bingo to slots etc.

Some of these games can be highly addictive if you're not careful. Candy Crush is the most addictive of the free games I tried. Though I can resist buying in-app purchases, I always felt the need to try the level one more time to beat it. I would have to remind myself to put it down after breaks and at night. I finally decided that enough was enough and deleted it from my iphone. There is always temptation, as you can redownload past purchases, but so far I have resisted.

My new addiction would be Bingo Blitz. This game has bingo, slots, and things to win. There are in app purchases, but you can also request items from your bingo friends. I played it on Facebook first, so I was familiar with the game already. I just can't figure out how to limit my requests from friends to target certain people.

These are just two of the games that I use or have used on a regular basis. I of course would not play games at work, but I do during breaks and on the bus. The fun thing about the free games is that if you don't like something you can always delete it and download something else.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

23 mobile things # 19

For the hobbies app, I chose to write about College Hockey News. I am a big fan of Gopher sports and follow the teams whenever possible. This includes football season tickets and a goal of at least seeing one football, one basketball and one hockey game a year. Because of this, I am eager to use an app that will let me keep track of my team throughout the season.

I chose college hockey news because it gives scores, news and standings throughout the year. It updates in near realtime and even alerts me to goals scored by and against my team through sounds.

I don't use this professionally, unless specifically asked for the score. I do use it personally, especially if I am at work during the game. I set it to vibrate and check it during my break. It is a nice way to keep up with my favorite team.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

23 mobile things #18

For the education app mobile thing, I decided to try wikipanion. It is similar to the wikipedia app listed and seems to work better on my phone. In the past, whenever I downloaded the wikipedia app, it would freeze or take too long to load. I gave up and tried the free wikipanion app. For the most part, it works great. The app is like accessing wikipedia in look and performance.

I am able to type in a topic and suggested options would appear below the text. Sometimes it would not find what I am looking for. In that case, I would use safari and try wikipedia there. In most cases, there would simply be no wikipedia page for that topic. The app also has a history feature so I can find places I've been to before.

I have used this personally alot to understand various topics as they come up and answer reference questions. If the internet were down, I would definitely use this at work as a backup.

I have also used google earth. It is entertaining but I stopped using it because the computer version is easier.